What Our Patients Say About Us


Dr. Vessels is a wonderful, helpful, and concerned physician. She has helped me in so many ways with adjustments and diagnosing problems. I love the friendly office demeanor and the casual, comfortable feeling of knowing that my health is in good hands. Thanks,

Dr. Vessels is so sweet and very professional. They always get you in and she truly cares about her patients!  She is definitely worth the visit.

Wonderful staff. Dr. VESSELS is wonderful and does excellent care and works with you anytime you just show up.. AWESOME!

Dr. Becca and the staff are the greatest. ALWAYS accommodating when we need a last minute appointment. On behalf of my mom and I, thank you so much for being there for us!

Dr Vessels is a great doctor! She has been helping me tremendously. I got a neck sprain from getting rear ended and I really look forward to my appointments with her, because I always leave there with my neck feeling much better! She really works her magic on me. This is a great place to go!

I would highly recommend Dr. Vessels for any of your chiropractic needs! She is very knowledgeable, professional and thorough. When I go in for a visit I have a short wait time, precise but quick visit, and am out the door in a reasonable amount of time. No more hour long visits with long waits and hoops to jump through!

Thank you so much for your help when I blew out my back skating. I always feel so refreshed when I leave your office.  You’re all so cheerful and helpful.  Thank You!

The service is excellent! I really appreciate that I can call and get an appointment the same day typically. I feel like I am listened to and heard by the doctors! That is really important to me. The front office staff are extremely friendly and helpful. Super care is given here!!!!

I am little and I fall and get hurt a lot, especially on my head.  Dr. Vessels is gentle and I do not cry.  She makes me feel better.  Thank You!

Dr. Vessels is very knowledgeable and friendly, and I always feel better after my adjustment.  Staff is friendly and the make you feel welcome.  I can usually get in quickly with very little wait time.   I have recommended this office to friends and family.
Lanie A.

Thank you very much for making my visits so comfortable and informative.  A pleasant experience all around. Dr. Vessels and staff have always been so pleasant, professional and supportive that I recommend them to everyone I know.
Pat W.

I would recommend Dr. Rebecca Vessels to anyone with their back problems and any other pains.
Sharon C.

Rock Springs Chiropractic Health Center is AWESOME!  I have had almost every member of my family in for care. They are able to get us in quickly yet they are very thorough with care.  They take the time they need in order to provide quality care both physically and emotionally, they definitely calm any worries I have with our injuries, aches, pains and treatment issues.
Laulana S.

Words cannot  fully express my gratitude to these fine doctors and caring committed staff at Rock Springs Chiropractic Health Center. As a client treated for injuries sustained in a fall, I found them to be compassionate and thorough in their assessment and treatment. I am certain that my recovery was much more successful than it would have been had I chosen a different provider.
Carol W.

I go to Rock Springs Chiropractic Health Center because of the quality of services that is given each time I go there  The friendly, caring, respect given to all who enter their doors deserves a million pats on the back and a verbal stream of ATTA BOY’S.
Donna T.

I am a young athletic person and they make sure I’m always able to feel my best before I take the field.
 Paula G.

This chiropractic clinic is incredible.  The office staff is friendly and helpful and Dr. Vessels is a first class healer.  Love, Love this clinic, they understand how to help in anyway from a spur of the moment adjustment, to pain management.
Kelly L.

This office is amazing. I love Dr. Vessels.  She is Great!! 
Irene W. 
My mommy brings me to Dr. Vessels to help me.  I am not scared and she helps me feel better.  She is very careful and gentle with me.
William K.

Dr. Vessels is a very good, professional, and kind to me.  She goes out of her way to get me in when my old back acts up. She keeps me on my feet at my age of 87.
Virginia T.

Dr. Vessels helps me feel much better.  They always fix me right up. I like using Cadillac for adjustments.
Christian K.

Dr. Vessels is the coolest doctor I’ve ever had.  She is always positive and cheerful and not like some doctors who seem like they are just in it for the money. You’re legit and I think that’s awesome. She cares so much about us and shows it.
Rose K.

I have been to Dr. Vessels at the recommendation of my wife. She helped me with the issue I came in with.  Normally I don’t go to chiropractors because I don’t get relief, however, Dr. Vessels did resolve my pain. Thank you!
Robert K.

Dr. Vessels gets the job done right and does it even better.
Elana K.

Dr. Rebecca Vessels is the best chiropractor in Rock Springs. I have been seeing her for years.  I highly recommend everybody go and see her. She makes you feel great, no more backache, neck ache or headaches.  The front desk staff are excellent and kind.  Next time you are in pain go and see her and you will not be sorry. 
Tony V.