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Why Is Chiropractic Care Different?

There Is A Natural And Systemic Approach To The Healing Process That We Can And Should Use To Our Benefit

Chiropractic methods and techniques can be described as  an an overall way of looking at and caring for the human body. It’s basis revolves around the concept that our bodies are made to be self-sustaining and self-healing. Our bodies are completely controlled by our brain through its connection to the spinal cord and it’s vast network of nerves. When this system is not working at its best, the overall performance of our body suffers and declines. 

Chiropractic treatment does not involve commonly used drugs and medication as a form of treatment. We know that nutrition is an important part of maintaining a healthy life. Supplements can also be very beneficial. There is generally only a short term benefit from prescribed medication for pain. We know that a better approach is to help our patients understand that treating symptoms through these drugs, only provides that short term benefit. It is a much more productive option to treat the source of the health problem, not the symptom.

Many times the perception is that the chiropractor is only used to treat back and neck pain. The truth is simply this; neck and back pain care is only a small piece of what we help our patients manage and overcome. Chiropractors not only treat soft and hard tissue problems including sciatica and joint pain, but we also deal with more significant health issues. These include headaches, insomnia, fibromyalgia, allergies, and many others.

Rock Springs Chiropractic Wyoming

Chronic Neck and Back Pain

Suffering from chronic and/or neck pain afflicts many people and can be associated with many things, including failed surgeries, diseases and injuries.

Rock Springs Chiropractic Wyoming

Auto Accident Injury

When a vehicle is struck from behind, or a fall occurs, the head moves violently back and forth, This can cause muscles and ligaments to be strained and/or torn.

Rock Springs Chiropractic Wyoming


Chiropractic care can help eliminate the cause of your headaches rather than offering a temporary relief from the symptoms.

Rock Springs Chiropractic Wyoming

Sports Injury

We specialize in soft tissue injuries for the active athlete.

We want to help you achieve a superior health and balance in your life!

Rock Springs Chiropractic does more than just make your pain go away. We help educate you to understand the steps you need to take to improve your quality of life.

We educate our patients about chiropractic care, as well as, natural solutions to common health problems and concerns. We will help you take a more active approach. We help our patients be responsible to  restore and maintain their own health.

Dr. Vessels understands that many patients are diagnosed with the same or similar conditions, while they may respond differently to a series of treatments. That being the case, we always make sure to tailor a particular plan of action to meet our patients individual needs, situation and goals. We understand the need to consider each patient’s unique medical and physical condition.

In your search for a chiropractor who understands how health care needs and solutions continue to evolve and change, we seek out and implement the most current techniques, therapies and approaches. We can address a variety of health problems. Our gentle care can definitely help improve your quality of your life.

Rock Springs Chiropractic Wyoming

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We now offer dry needling services and have a massage therapist on staff!